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Product Details



The TMCM-1630 is a controller / driver module for general brushless DC motor applications. It supports block commutation with hall sensors or sensorless with hallFX™ as well as sine wave commutation with incremental encoder. The module can be used in stand alone operation or remote controlled via serial interface (RS232, RS485, CAN or USB) using the TrinamicMotionControLanguage TMCL. Its small form factor (50 x 92 mm²) allows for integration onto a user board as a plug-on module or for panel mounting, by connecting flat ribbon cables to the two 2x13 2.54mm standard header connectors. A baseboard for one TMCM-1630 is available (BB-1630).

For applications with encoder and hall sensors choose firmware version V2.05 (Field Oriented Control).
For applications with hallFX choose firmware version V1.47.



Interfaces: a/b/n incremental, CAN, RS232 a/b/n incremental, RS485, UART
No. Axes: 1 1
Phase Current, RMS: 10A 10A
Phase Current, peak: 14A 14A
Product State: active active
Supported Motor Type: BLDC BLDC
Velocity Ramps: trapezoidal trapezoidal
Slope Control
brake before make
short to GND detection
Motor Supply: 12...48V 12...48V
Length: 92mm 92mm
Width: 50mm 50mm




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TMCM-1630_Hardware_Manual.pdf 518.62kB 17-Oct-13


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TMCM-1630_TMCL_firmware_manual.pdf 1.35MB 17-Oct-13
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TMCM-1630_hardware_manual.pdf 518.62kB 17-Oct-13
TMCM-1630_shortspec.pdf 378.28kB 17-Oct-13


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TMCM-1630-FOC_v2.05.hex 138.94kB 17-Oct-13
TMCM-1630.inf 3.25kB 17-Oct-13
TMCM-1630_v1.47_USB_CAN.hex 153.23kB 17-Oct-13
TMCM-1630_v1.48_USB_CAN.hex 154.22kB 17-Oct-13

TMCL Sample Scripts

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