MotionControlShop was created by Semisource based near Ann Arbor, MI to provide cost effective fulfillment combined with engineering support for the motion control products manufactured by Trinamic Motion Control, Exmek Electric, and Timken Encoders.  Semisource was established in 1998 to help high technology manufacturers including those specializing in motion control systems to establish sales and support for their products in North America. The companies we represent rank among the leading manufacturers of motion control products in the world, a position enhanced by their excellent reputation for quality products at competitive prices.

Trinamic manufactures high-precision motion control ICs and mechatronic systems that are used by OEMs in biotech, medical, instrumentation, printing, robotics, and dozens of other markets and applications where precise control of motors is required. Based in Germany, Trinamic designs and sells its motion-control ICs, board-level, and system-level hardware modules and motion-control software all over the world. The motion control modules combine Trinamic’s dedicated stepper control and driver ICs with extensive experience in designing custom and off-the-shelf motion control solutions.

The Timken Company's advanced magnetic encoder technology, offers an alternative to delicate optical sensors and expensive resolvers. The system on a chip Timken design features embedded Hall sensors and processing that provide optical encoder resolutions in a small durable, low-cost, off-axis magnetic encoder package. The technology is applicable as a stand alone ASIC and Target set, Modular Package or an Industrial Package Encoder with internal bearings.

Exmek Electric is a leading Chinese manufacturer of power transmission and motion control products serving the world marketplace. With over 280 employees, and a  ISO9001, ISO14000 manufacturing facility, Exmek can provide high quality custom solutions based on the latest technology at prices that are highly competitive. Exmek offers everything from universal AC Motors, Servo Motors, Stepper Motors, DC Brush Motors, Brushless DC Motors, Gearmotors, Gearboxes, Brakes, Linear actuators and more. Working together with our customers we will design and manufacture custom motors to fit your commercial application.

MotionControlShop has under one roof all of these products combined with technical support so that you can engineer cost effective solutions known for compact packaging, rugged construction, and excellent performance. Our growth will continue from having dedicated engineering, customer service, and application assistance to help you with your specific requirements. Our goal is to maintain a large stock of our standard products in our warehouse located near Ann Arbor, MI, USA so that we can deliver on demand.

MotionControlShop is where you should start whenever you have an embedded motion control application where compactness, precision positioning, speed, and time to market is a requirement.