35mm Rotary Sensor Type 6.3

35MM Rotary Postion Sensor Type 6.3


A resonant inductive position sensor for measuring over a full 360°of rotation. Works with CambridgeIC’s Central Tracking Unit (CTU) chips to provide high-quality position data to a host device.

The sensor has two sets of sensor coils: one for taking fine incremental measurements at high accuracy and resolution and another for coarse, absolute measurements. The sensor is Type 6, Subtype 3 (Type "6.3").

The sensor is connected to a CambridgeIC CTU chip, which combines the information from both sets of coils to deliver an absolute, high accuracy and high resolution output to a host system.



    •  Full absolute sensing over 360 Degree
    • 6-layer PCB process
    • 15mm hole, e.g. for through shaft
    • 34.2mm diameter copper coil pattern
    • Target can be sensed from front or rear of PCB


  • Simple design using 2 wound ferrite rods
  • Balanced for immunity to misalignment
  • No hole required for the rotating shaft: can be mounted from the side


  • Motion control
  • Actuator position feedback
  • Precision front panel controls
  • Contactless dial reading
  • Valve position sensing
  • Absolute Optical Encoder replacement


    Rotary Postion Sensor Type 6.3 Datasheet