ARC Position Sensors

These CambridgeIC Arc Position Sensors have a measuring range of 100°. They are available with Sensor Radius from 25mm to 100mm.

100 Degree Arc Position Sensors available with Sensor Radius 25mm, 30mm, 36mm, 48mm, 68mm and 100mm

This range of sensors is optimised to work with CambridgeIC’s Standard Target. Two mechanical configurations are possible as illustrated below, Target Inside and Target Outside. Either may be used, to deliver the most convenient mechanical integration.

Arc Sensor Standard Target Configurations - Target Inside and Target Outside 

These sensors are preferably operated with Type 4 CTU circuitry. This means that a single CAM204 chip can process two of these arc sensors, one arc and one linear sensor or one arc and one rotary sensor.


  • Full absolute sensing along 100° of arc
  • 4-layer PCB process
  • Target is sensed from FRONT or REAR of sensor
  • Target may be positioned to the inside or outside


  • Linearity Error <0.4% at 0.5mm…1.5mm Gap, Target Inside
  • Noise Free Resolution > 10.5 bits up to 1.5mm Gap
  • Up to 1mm Radial Misalignment


  • Intelligent valves
  • Surveillance camera tilt axis angle sensing
  • Motorised antenna position feedback
  • Vent angle sensing
  • Gate opening angle sensing
  • Exercise equipment angle feedback
  • Vehicle suspension level sensing
  • Measurement of handle position
  • Actuator position feedback
  • Optical and magnetic encoder replacement

Please see the Arc Position Sensor Applications page for illustrations.

The following table lists parts suitable for evaluating arc sensors from CambridgeIC...

Parts for prototyping
Part No Description Comments
013-0044 R25mm 100° Arc Sensor Assembly 25mm Sensor Radius
013-0045 R30mm 100° Arc Sensor Assembly 30mm Sensor Radius
013-0046 R36mm 100° Arc Sensor Assembly 36mm Sensor Radius
013-0047 R48mm 100° Arc Sensor Assembly 48mm Sensor Radius
013-0048 R68mm 100° Arc Sensor Assembly 68mm Sensor Radius
013-0049 R100mm 100° Arc Sensor Assembly 100mm Sensor Radius
013-1005 Standard Target Compatible target, best linearity
013-1020 11mm E-Core Target  Alternative, smaller target
013-6001 6-way sensor connecting cable Connects from arc sensor to Development Board
013-5029 Type 3&4 CAM204 Development Board Compatible Development Board including CAM204 chip with Type 4 processing circuitry. Can process two sensors.
013-7001 CTU Adapter Connects Development Board to a PC running CambridgeIC CTU Software, to view measurements for demonstration and evaluation.