Axial Sensor Development Kit

The Axial Sensor Development Kit contains parts for evaluating and developing with CambridgeIC's Axial sensing technology.

CambridgeIC's Axial sensors are linear position sensors that report the position of a target that can rotate around an axis that points in the measuring direction.

This kit includes a 78mm Type 3.2 Axial Sensor Assembly, sample targets, a CAM312 Development Board for processing and a CTU adapter to connect the board to a PC over USB.

CambridgeIC CTU software (available for Windows 10 PCs) takes measurements and allows customers to view and analyse results.


A set of parts and software:

  • CAM312 Development Board
  • 78mm Axial Type 3.2 Sensor Assembly
  • L20mm Target samples 
  • CTU Adapter for SPI to USB conversion
  • PC software (CambridgeICs CTU software) for Windows 10


  • Demonstration
  • Evaluation
  • Development


  • Works with contactless, free rotating target
  • Truly non-contacting, big gaps possible
  • Tolerant of gap change and misalignment
  • Robust against mechanical shock
  • Stable across temperature
  • Customers can build sensors and targets themselves for cost effective embedded solution