The CAM204 BE is a single-chip non-contact position sensor IC for resonant inductive position sensing.


  • Resonant inductive position sensing engine
  • Fully ratiometric measurements
  • SPI communications (slave device)
  • User IOs for position triggers and sample indicators
  • Measures up to 4 sensors
  • Can drive external DAC for up to 4 analog outputs
  • Internal software upgradable over SPI




  • Noise Free Resolution 10…16 bits at typical gap, depending on sensor
  • Automatic tuning to resonators across ±7% frequency range
  • < ±0.1% position change across temperature
  • Update rate > 1000 samples/s (Type 1 sensors)
  • Single 2.7...3.6V supply
  • -40°C to +125°C (CAM204BE)


28-pin SSOP pinout
CAM204BE 28-pin SSOP pinout


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