CAM204 chip with markings enhanced for clarityThe CAM502 is a single-chip non-contact high-speed position sensor IC for resonant inductive position sensing.  It can measure a single sensor at 5000 samples per second.  Measurements can be synchronised to a host SPI interface so that results are delivered to the host with as small as possible Group Delay.


  • Resonant inductive position sensing engine
  • Fully ratiometric measurements
  • Pipeline measurement...
    • For high-speed operation, and
    • For minimising Group Delay from physical position to SPI read
  • SPI communications (slave device, up to 10Mbit/s)
  • User IOs for sample indicators
  • Internal software upgradable over SPI
  • Works with one Type 2 or one Type 6 sensor
  • External crystal controlled timing


  • Group Delay from physical position to SPI ready ≤ 140µs
  • Noise Free Resolution...
    • 12…15 bits at typical gap, depending on sensor
    • Up to 3 more bits available from optional on-chip filtering, at the expense of additional Group Delay
  • Automatic tuning to resonators across ±7% frequency range
  • Maximum update rate 5100 independent samples per second
  • Single 3.0...3.6V supply
  • -40°C to +125°C (CAM502BE)

28-pin QFN pinout
CAM502BE 28-pin QFN pinout


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