CAN-Bus PCI-Card with open source Linux driver

The CANnes card is a PCI card which provides a simple, easy to use CAN interface. It is equipped with a male and a female 9 pin Sub-D connector with standard CAN pin assignments. CAN bit rates between 10 and 1000 kBit/s (1MBit/s) are possible. The industry standard CAN controller SJA1000 is used together with the CAN bus driver 82C250 and optical isolation between the CAN controller and the CAN bus driver. A 120 ohms termination resistor is also provided. This resistor can be switched on and off either by a software controlled relay. Device drivers and function libraries are provided for the Windows (98/ME/2000 and NT4) operating systems and also for the Linux operating system. The CANnes cards is CE-approved and also meets FCC specifications. It can be used with every PC which is equipped with PCI slots fulfilling at least the PCI 2.1 standard.



  • Supports CAN V2.0a and V2.0b (11 bit and 29 bit identifiers)
  • CAN bit rates of up to 1Mbit/s
  • 120 ohms termination resistor that can be switched on or off by software


  • Simple CAN monitoring PC software supplied with this product
  • Easy programming and integration into user applications via simple DLL functions


  • RoHS compliant latest by 1 July 2006





CANnes_manual.pdf 170.36kB 17-Oct-13


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CANnes_manual.pdf 170.36kB 17-Oct-13


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