CLC2622 – LCD Driver


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CLC2622 – LCD Driver

The CLC2622 is a LCD Driver with either static mode driving up to 40 segments or multiplexing modedriv ing up to 8 rows and 32 columns. A display storage is available via a dual RAM to be addressed by 8x40 words.

The large voltage range and a low current consumption makes the driver suitable for a variety of different LCD display. Also large pixel size applications are supported due to the low driver impedance. Several CLC2622 can be easily cascaded, no external resistor bias chain and no external clock is necessary.

  • Static- or multiplexing LCD driver
  • Programmable mux mode
  • Mux2: 2 rows and 38 columns
  • Mux4: 4 rows and 36 columns
  • Mux8: 8 rows and 32 columns
  • Drives up to 40 segments in static mode
  • Dual RAM for display storage addressable as 8 x 40 words
  • LCD blanking by BLANK bit and STR signal
  • All segments on by SET bit
  • On chip LCD bias voltage generation
  • On chip display refresh
  • Synchronize feature for large LCD applications
  • On chip FR clock generation
  • Serial data input/output



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