CTU Development Kit 013-7002

 CTU Development Kit

The CAM204 integrated circuit is a Central Tracking Unit (CTU) chip designed for sensing the position of parts in machines. The CTU Development Kit enables a user to quickly test and integrate a position measuring system based on the CAM204 chip.
CTU Development Kit hardware

The kit comprises:

  • CAM204 CTU Development Board
  • CTU Adapter for connecting to a PC with a USB port
  • 4 linear sensors (Type 1: 25mm, 50mm, 100mm and 200mm)
  • 3 rotary sensors (25mm, 36mm and 50mm diameter 360°)
  • Targets (one for each sensor)
  • CabridgeIC CTU Software for reading CTU outputs (Windows XP / Vista)
  • Software tools allowing a customer's own software to communicate with CTU chips

Parts are supplied ready connected and clipped into a supporting tray with sliding holders for targets. This means the CTU Development Kit works inside its box, for getting started quickly.

Tools Downloads

CTU Software