Micro SoftPLC/Gateway Assembly: SPBBA1-x

Micro SoftPLC/Gateway Assembly Overview

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This assembly combines the SPBB-x, SPBB-232, SPBB-ENCL1 into a single part number for ease of ordering.

As a Gateway:

For industrial serial to Ethernet/ Ethernet to serial protocol bridges, the Micro SoftPLC Gateway is a solution that is flexible, powerful, low cost, and physically small. The SPBBA1 provides a single Ethernet and a single serial port. This Gateway is also a great solution for use as a remote withTagWell, just add a cellular modem (Cat No ICOMDM-GSMU).

As a PAC:

All features of the SoftPLC Runtime Control Software are included, such as virtually unlimited capacity for program logic and data table, data logging, recipes, etc. The Micro SoftPLC is great for use as a remote with TagWell and for low I/O count control applications.

There are (4) available license sizes, which determine the maximum number of ModbusTCP Servers or EthernetIP Adapters ("connections") and digital I/O points supported (analog I/O is unlimited). The table below summarizes these choices.

Runtime License Sizes
Cat No Suffix MBTCP/EnetIP Connections Discrete Inputs Discrete Outputs
LT 2 128 128
1K 16 1024 1024
2K 32 2048 2048
8K 127 8192 8192



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