Miniature Through Hole


Miniature Through Hole

This range of rotary sensors is for angle measurement over a full 360° of rotation.  Sensors and targets both include central holes that allow a shaft to pass through them, and have a balanced design for immunity to misalignment.

21mm Miniature Through Hole Rotary Sensor and Target Assemblies

21mm Through Hole Rotary Sensor and Target Anotated


  • Full absolute sensing over 360°
  • Sensors...
    • Built using conventional PCB fabrication
    • Assembled sensors available from CambridgeIC
    • Blueprints available for customers to build sensors themselves
    • Connect to Type 4 circuitry - up to 2 sensors per CAM204 chip
    • Also functions with Type 1 circuitry if 3 or 4 sensors per CAM204 chip are needed
  • Targets...
    • Base built using conventional 1-layer PCBs
    • SMD transponder coils mounted to PCB in balanced configuration for immunity to misalignment
    • SMD capacitor(s) to complete resonant circuit
    • Buy from CambridgeIC or build from components
  • Holes in sensors and targets e.g. for through shaft
  • Repeatable across time and temperature


 Sensor Name 21mm Through Hole Sensor
Sensor Diameter 21mm outer, 5.8mm inner
Target Diameter 21mm outer, 5.0mm inner
Performance, free space  

Gap 0.5mm
No radial or angular misalignment

Max. Linearity Error ±0.9°
Noise Free Resolution 11.2 bits

Gap 0...1mm
Radial Misalignment up to 0.4mm

Angular Misalignment up to 0.5°
Max. Linearity Error  ±1.5°
Noise Free Resolution  11 bits


Parts for prototyping 21mm Through Hole Sensor
Assembled Sensor Part No 013-0040
Assembled Sensor with screen Part No 013-0041
Motor Mount for sensor with screen 012-5048 (for NEMA8 motor)

Assembled Target Part No, frequency optimised for use with screened sensor

013-1024 (195.4kHz)
Compatible Sensor Connector 013-6011 (6-way PicoBlade)
Compatible Development Board (CAM204, Type 4 circuitry for up to 2 sensors)


Compatible Development Board (CAM204, Type 1 circuitry for 3 or 4 sensors)



Sensor Blueprints 21mm Through Hole Sensor
Part No 010-0107