MONOpack 2 V2


In house technical support provided for all Trinamic products.

1-axis stepper controller/driver 3.5A/48V with encoder interface

The MONOpack 2 V2 is a highly integrated stepper motor controller unit in a small and robust housing. It provides a high motor power and dynamics. A variety of control interfaces and protocols provide a simple means of remote control or stand alone functionality for all purposes. Its optional incremental encoder feedback and a number of protection features makes drives very dependant and reliable.
A Windows based PC software is supplied to explore the possibilities of the MONOpack 2 and to program its stand-alone functionality using simple TMCL commands.

In terms of software and current settings the new MONOpack 2 is fully compatible with the old MONOpack and MONOpack LT while providing a number of enhanced features.

The newest version V2 is ROHS compliant and has a new "resonance avoiding high velocity feature".


Electrical data

  • up to 3.5A RMS coil current (5A peak)
  • supply voltage 12V to 48V
  • up to 406 times microstepping

Supported motors

  • 2-phase bipolar motors with
  • 1A to 3.5A coil current
  • optional incremental encoder (2 or 3 channel)


  • CAN, RS485 and RS232 serial interface
  • step / direction (differential)
  • I/Os: Limit and reference switch inputs
  • incremental encoder input


  • highly dynamic and fast response drive
  • automatic S-shaped ramp generation
  • closed loop for exact position maintenance or positioning check / retry
  • fully protected driver
  • chopSyncTM feature for high motor velocity by reducing resonances


  • 3 Firmware modes:
    • stand-alone or remote controlled operation using TMCLTM (Trinamic Motion Control Language)
    • terminal mode (like MONOpack LT)
    • MONOpack compatibility mode
  • comes with PC-based demonstration and application development software


  • Pluggable screw terminal connectors for all signals
  • RoHS compliant (V2 version)
  • size: 132 x 130 x 45mm³





Monopack_2_manual.pdf 960.4kB 17-Oct-13


Monopack_2_ShortSpec.pdf 286.2kB 17-Oct-13
Monopack_2_manual.pdf 960.4kB 17-Oct-13


MPII_V226.hex 88.06kB 17-Oct-13
MonoControl.ini 50B 17-Oct-13
MonoControl2.exe 702.5kB 17-Oct-13
TMCL-MP_V336.hex 82.02kB 17-Oct-13