28MM, 1.8 Degree Enhanced Hybrid Stepper Motor

50 piece pricing starts at $17.61

These two phase hybrid stepper motors are optimized for microstepping and give a good fit to the TRINAMIC family of motor controllers and drivers. They can be used in very space critical applications and allow high RPM due to their low back EMF.



  • NEMA 11 compatible mounting configuration
  • flange max. 28mm * 28mm
  • 5mm axis diameter, 20mm length
  • step angle: 1.8°
  • optimized for microstep operation
  • optimum fit for TMC222 / TMC236 / TMC246/ TMC260/ TMC261 based driver circuits
  • up to tbdV operating voltage
  • 4 and 6 wire connection
  • neodymium magnets for maximum torque
  • CE approved

Available models

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MP028NB Short Spec

General Specifications

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