Basic Rotary Position Sensor Type 1

25mm Rotary Position Sensor Type 1

This rotary sensor is 25mm diameter and measures absolute the angle of a target at up to 5mm gap. Used in conjunction with a CTU chip, the system reports full absolute angular position over 360°.

25mm rotary sensor alignment with target
  • Simple non-contact target
  • Sensor coil pattern < 25mm dia.
  • Full absolute sensing over 360°
  • Operates up to 5mm gap
  • Standard 4-layer PCB process
  • Highly repeatable


  • ±0.5° (±0.14%) Absolute Error at gap 1.5mm
  • ±1° at Radial Misalignment 1mm, gap 0.5…2.5mm
  • <±0.18° change (±0.05%) across temperature -40°C…85°C, ≤ 3.5mm Gap

The CTU Development Kit includes one 25mm rotary sensor.


360° 25mm Rotary Sensor Datasheet

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