Short Stroke Linear Sensor


Short Stroke Linear

Short Stroke Linear sensors are built using conventional PCB technology and detect the position of a Standard Target without mechanical or electrical contact.  They are robutst, simple and tolerant of misalignment and large gaps.  Measuring Length is typically up to 6mm, although the target is detected over a much greater (but non-linear) range.

The CAM204 Central Tracking Unit (CTU) chip can measure one or two such "Type 4" sensors.



  • Simple non-contact target
  • Full absolute sensing
  • Standard 4-layer PCB process
  • Only 3 wires required for connection
  • Stable across temperature
  • Highly repeatable


  • Up to 5mm Target Gap
  • < ±0.25% Linearity Error over 5mm Measuring Length at 1mm Gap
  • Up to ±1mm Y Misalignment


  • Thickness measurement
  • Structural monitoring
  • Vibration analysis
  • Actuator position feedback
  • LVDT replacement

The following are recommended for getting started with the Short Stroke sensor:

Note that the Short Stroke sensor only works with Type 4 circuitry; please use the Type 3&4 CAM204 Development Board for prototyping (part number 013-5029) and NOT the Type 1 CAM204 Development Board (part number 013-5006).