Streaming Adapter

For demonstration, test and development purposes, it is convenient to communicate with CTU chips using a PC.  The Streaming Adapter converts between the SPI interface of CTU chips and the USB interface of a PC.  

The Streaming Adapter is an SPI master and the CTU is an SPI slave.  Unlike CambridgeIC’s CTU Adapter, the Streaming Adapter captures measurements over SPI at the maximum rate possible for each IC.  It can efficiently stream results over USB, to make them available to software running on a connected PC.  Please Register and log in to download CTU Streaming Demo Software from the link below. 


  • USB powered
  • Full speed USB operation
  • Supplied with USB and SPI cables
  • The Streaming Adapter is compatible with all CambridgeIC Development Boards.


  • Connecting ICs to a PC for demos and evaluation
  • Programming and configuring ICs
  • Prototyping and evaluation of host software


  • Up to 33,000 SPI write/reads per second (typical PC) depending on connected IC
  • Up to 12.5Mbit/s SPI clock rate depending on connected IC
  • SPI timings compatible with CTU chips
  • 100mA max power supply output current


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