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The TMC248 is a smart high current microstepping driver for bipolar stepper motors. The integrated unique sensorless stall detection stallGuard™ makes it a good choice for applications, where a reference point is needed, but where a switch cannot be used. The ability to predict an overload makes the TMC248 an optimum choice for drives, where a high reliability is desired. It provides an SPI™ interface as well as the classical analog / digital control. A full set of protection and diagnostic features makes this device very rugged. It directly drives external MOSFETs for currents up to 6A. This way it reaches an extremely high efficiency and allows driving of a high motor current without cooling measures even at high environment temperatures. With the new chip-scale QFN package a 4A motor driver can be realized on the size of a stamp!

The high motor current makes this device ideal for miniaturized highly dynamic and high torque drive systems.



Interfaces: SPI
No. Axes: 1
Product State: active
Supported Motor Type: Stepper
Logic Supply: 3.3...5V
Motor Supply: 7...34V
Package: QFN28 (5x5)





TMC429+TMC24x-EVAL allows you to explore all functions of the SPI™ chipset using the TMC429 motion controller and TMC236/246 and TMC239/249 drivers. It is equipped with the TMC246A-PA, TMC249A-SA and TMC248-LA motor drivers for high performance motor control with stallGuard™ feature. You will learn everything about the usage and features of the SPI™ chipset and get the possibility to explore your motion control application and to optimize its parameters. The evaluation board comes with a PC software which gives you access to every bit of the chipset. The TMC429+TMC24x-EVAL is a complete "plug and play" solution, additionally only a motor, a PC and a power supply are required!



Application Notes

Calc_PowerDissipation.xls 22kB 17-Oct-13
SPI_vs_Step_Dir.pdf 26.22kB 17-Oct-13
TMC236_246_239_249_FAQ.pdf 429.35kB 17-Oct-13
TMC239_249_hv_schematics.pdf 244.46kB 17-Oct-13 173.72kB 17-Oct-13
TMC246_ustep_res_gt64.pdf 91.4kB 17-Oct-13
TMC2x9A-LA_layoutsample.pdf 149.31kB 17-Oct-13 139.72kB 17-Oct-13
tmc236_example.c 3.32kB 17-Oct-13


TMC248_datasheet.pdf 1.23MB 17-Oct-13


TMC248_datasheet.pdf 1.23MB 17-Oct-13
TMC248_shortspec.pdf 199.88kB 17-Oct-13