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The TMC246 is a smart power microstepping driver for bipolar stepper motors. The integrated unique sensorless stall detection stallGuard™ makes it a good choice for applications, where a reference point is needed, but where a switch cannot be used. The ability to predict an overload makes the TMC246 an optimum choice for drives, where a high reliability is desired. It provides an SPI™ interface as well as the classical analog / digital control. A full set of protection and diagnostic features makes this device very rugged. The integrated low-RDS-ON TrenchFET® power MOSFETs give an extremely high efficiency and allow driving of a high motor current of up to 1.5A per phase without cooling measures even at high environment temperatures.

The small footprint and high efficiency make the device a perfect solution for embedded motion control and even for battery powered designs.



Interfaces: SPI
No. Axes: 1
Phase Current, RMS: 1.1A
Phase Current, peak: 1.5A
Product State: active
RDSon HS: 220mΩ(2)
RDSon LS: 120mΩ(1)
Supported Motor Type: Stepper
Logic Supply: 3.3...5V
Motor Supply: 1...34V
Package: QFP44




TMC429+TMC24x-EVAL allows you to explore all functions of the SPI™ chipset using the TMC429 motion controller and TMC236/246 and TMC239/249 drivers. It is equipped with the TMC246A-PA, TMC249A-SA and TMC248-LA motor drivers for high performance motor control with stallGuard™ feature. You will learn everything about the usage and features of the SPI™ chipset and get the possibility to explore your motion control application and to optimize its parameters. The evaluation board comes with a PC software which gives you access to every bit of the chipset. The TMC429+TMC24x-EVAL is a complete "plug and play" solution, additionally only a motor, a PC and a power supply are required!



Application Notes

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SDtoSPI.c 6.09kB 17-Oct-13
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TMC236_246_239_249_FAQ.pdf 429.35kB 17-Oct-13 144.2kB 17-Oct-13
TMC236_to_L9935_Adapter.pdf 141.03kB 17-Oct-13
TMC246_ustep_res_gt64.pdf 91.4kB 17-Oct-13 139.72kB 17-Oct-13
tmc236_example.c 3.32kB 17-Oct-13
tmc236_example_MD.c 2.71kB 17-Oct-13


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TMC246_datasheet.pdf 605.93kB 17-Oct-13