3-axis economic miniature microstepping stepper motion controller

100% compatible with TMC-429-I TMC429 Product Compatibility Declaration 

The TMC428 is a miniaturized low cost, but high performance stepper motor controller for up to three motors. It integrates all real time critical tasks in reliable, dedicated hardware: An integrated motion ramp profile generator as well as an adaptable microstep sequencer with microstep RAM table. Advanced stop- and reference switch handling allows for precise and fast referencing as well as on-the-fly position checking. Automatic motor current control gives high motor dynamics while saving energy. The interrupt output can generate precise position pulses.

The TMC428 connects to the TRINAMICs SPI™ drivers (TMC236,TMC239,TMC246 and TMC249) or to Step-/direction drivers. A second SPI™ interface allows communication with a host microcontroller. The host microcontroller just needs to do high-level control tasks, e.g. giving the command: Drive motor 2 to position 1000. The TMC428 then automatically calculates the motion ramp based on velocity and acceleration parameters.
The TMC423 adds encoder functionality as well as step- direction impulse forming to the TMC428. Evaluation Boards, application notes, spreadsheets for parameter calculation, C code examples and schematics are available in order to support short design-in times.

TMC 428 - The small but intelligent Controller:

  • Miniaturized low-cost 3 axes motor controller
  • High-performance micro stepping
  • SPI interface with easy-to-use protocol
  • On-the-fly alteration of position set point


  • Controls up to three 2-phase stepper motors
  • Serial 4-wire interface for µC with easy-to-use protocol
  • Configurable interface for SPI™ motor drivers
  • Different types of SPI™ stepper motor driver chips may by mixed within a single daisy chain
  • Communication on demand minimizes traffic to the SPI™ stepper motor drivers chain
  • Allows read-out of driver status information
  • Programmable SPI™ data rates up to 1 Mbit/s
  • Wide range for clock frequency - can use CPU clock up to 16 MHz
  • Internal 24 bit wide position counters
  • Full step frequencies up to 20 kHz
  • Individual micro step resolution of {64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1} micro steps
  • Programmable 6 bit micro step table with up to 64 entries for a quarter sine wave period
  • On-the-fly alteration of target motion parameters (like position, velocity, acceleration)
  • Read-out facility for current motion parameters (position, velocity, acceleration)
  • Power down mode (100 µA) with transparent wake-up for normal operation (typ. 10 mA @ 16 MHz)
  • 3.3V or 5V operation with CMOS / TTL compatible IOs (all inputs Schmitt-Trigger)
  • Ultra small 16 pin SSOP package (optional 24 pin SOIC package)
  • Integrated power-on-reset

download iconDocumentation
TMC428 ShortSpec
TMC428 Datasheet V2.03
TMC429 Product Compatibility Declaration

download iconSoftware
TMC428 parameter calculation tool
Calculate TMC428 frequencies

Calculate TMC428 pmul/pdiv
TMC428 demo
Sample C-Source code for TMC428/TMC236
Sample C library for using the TMC428 with PIC18 MCUs
Sample C source code: Mini TMCL
Visualization and conversion of 64 microstep tables

download iconApplication Notes
Chopper parameter calculation sheet
TMC428 Getting started V2.00
Step/Direction with TMC428
Halfstepping with TMC428 and L9935
TMC428 with A3972
TMC428 with LMD18245
TMC428 with NJM3771
TMC428 parameter calculation tool source code