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1-axis stepper and piezo motion controller with S-ramps and encoder feedback

The TMC457 is a high-end single axis micro stepping motion controller for 2-phase bipolar stepper motors, piezo motors (Piezo LEGS™). Via step / direction interface 3-phase stepper motors can also be controlled (requires additional TMC332). It adds to any microcontroller or processor with SPI interface. It is intended for applications, where a precise and fast, jerk-free motion profile is desired. The TMC457 supports linear and S-shaped velocity ramps. It’s chopSync™ feature allows high speed movement avoiding resonances. An encoder can be added for extremely quick and precise positioning using the internal hardware PID regulator easyPID™ and for increased reliability / fault detection. For maximum flexibility all motion control parameters (target position, target velocity, acceleration, deceleration and bow) can be changed on-the-fly at any time during motion.


Main characteristics

  • S-shaped and linear ramps with on-the-fly change of all parameters
  • programmable high resolution sequencer with 12-bit µstep LUT
  • incremental encoder interface with flexible brought range scaling
  • easyPID™ fast and stable PID controller
  • 32bit register (mHz to MHz)
  • reference switch processing
  • virtual stop sw. (programmable soft limits)
  • position pulse output to trigger events
  • synchronisation of multiple axis via step/direction
  • chopSync™ feature for high speed operation without resonance problems
  • analog high resolution driver control via external low-cost 12-bit DAC
  • energy saving by automatic load angle dependent current control


  • SPI host interface
  • step/direction output
  • stallGuard™ interface for TMC246/TMC249 stepper motor driver

Electrical data

  • 3.3V compatible I/Os
  • 1.5V core supply


  • FBGA144 (13*13mm2)
  • RoHS compliant
  • packaging unit: 160pcs. per tray




Application Notes

Appnote_Adaptive_Microsteptable_429_457.pdf 204.99kB 17-Oct-13
tmc457_calculations.xls 31kB 17-Oct-13


tmc457_datasheet.pdf 1.48MB 17-Oct-13


TMC457_ShortSpec.pdf 390.34kB 17-Oct-13
tmc457_datasheet.pdf 1.48MB 17-Oct-13