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The TMCM-6110 is an intelligent, compact and ready to use 6 axis motion control solution at low cost for up to six bipolar 2-phase stepper motors. It fully supports the common and easy to use programming language TMCL™, where predefined high level motion control commands like Move to Position or Constant Rotation guarantee convenient and rapid development. Besides user programmable I/O controlled stand alone operation (onboard memory), a variety of high level interfaces allow remote controlled operation. Since all time critical operations, e.g. ramp calculation are performed onboard, the communication traffic is kept very low. Inimitable smooth, precise and fast movements are given by a resolution of up to 256 electrically equidistant microsteps and by the ultimate spreadCycle™ chopper scheme for optimal motor currents.

In addition, the TMCM-6110 features the following market revolutionizing technologies: 
stallGuard2™ can detect and monitor dynamic load changes in high resolution without the need of a sensor. This feature is basic for the automatized load dependent current control coolStep™ for energy and heat efficient motor control and unlimited motor performance.



Interfaces: CAN, RS485, USB
No. Axes: 6
Phase Current, RMS: 1.4A
Phase Current, peak: 2A
Product State: active
RDSon HS: 190mΩ(2)
RDSon LS: 125mΩ(1)
Microstep Resolution: 1...256
Supported Motor Type: Stepper
Velocity Ramps: trapezoidal
Motor Supply: 9...28V
Length: 100mm
Width: 130mm



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TMCM-6110_hardware_manual.pdf 996.09kB 17-Oct-13


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