Arduino TOS-100 Stepper Driver Shield


In house technical support provided for this Trinamic product.

Product description

The TOS-100 is an Arduino compatible Shield capable of driving one bipolar stepper motor up to 1.7A that utilizes the Trinamic Motion Control TMC260 stepper motor driver chip.

For added compatibility with other arduino shields, the TOS-100 allows you to choose nearly any pin for any signal.

The TOS-100 Arduino Stepper Driver shield is the most easy way to use the Trinamic TMC260 motor driver chip to drive a stepper motor with Arduino. The TMC260 is a stepper motor controller for bipolar stepper motors. The unique features of the TMC260 are that everything can be controlled in software:

motor current
stallGuard2™ sensorless load detection & stall protection
coolStep™ load dependent current control for current reduction according to load
spreadCycle hysteresis PWM chopper for perfect adaption to the motor
microPlyer 16-to-256 μStep multiplier for easier driving and increased positioning precision at all speeds
full protection and diagnostics
This makes the TMC26X much more versatile than other stepper motor drivers.

The TMC260 is the first energy efficient high current high precision microstepping driver IC for bipolar stepper motors. The unique high resolution sensorless load detection stallGuard2™ is used to for the world’s first integrated load dependent current control feature called coolStep™.

The ability to read out the load and detect an overload makes the TMC260 an optimum choice for drives where a high reliability is desired at a low cost. The new patented spreadCycle PWM mixed decay chopper scheme ensures best zero crossing performance as well as high speed operation.
The TMC260 can be driven with Step & Direction signals as well as by serial SPI™ interface.
Using the microPlyer allows to operate the motor with highest 256 μStep smoothness reducing the input frequency to 16 μSteps. A full set of protection and diagnostic features makes this device very rugged.

The TOS-100 Arduino Stepper Driver Shield adopts the versatility of the TMC260 Stepper Motor Driver. It comes with various options to install the shield, connect the motor and provide power. The ability to connect any control pin of the TMC260 Stepper Motor Driver to any of the digital pins of the Arduino it is virtually compatible with any other Arduino shield out there. The motor can either be controlled by step & direction pins, as other well known stepper motor drivers or by SPI for a more precise control and less pins used.
The TOS-100 Stepper Driver comes with a complete Arduino Library to get you started as fast as possible.

Using your TOS-100:

Checkout the Getting Started Guide. Take a look at the Arduino Library source code on github. Participate in the forum to ask or answer questions.