Precision Linear Sensor Type 2 and Type 6 Narrow

Type 2 and 6 Narrow

Type 2 and Type 6 sensors offer performance improvements over Type 1 sensors.  They do this with an additional "fine" set of sensor coils.  This fine track delivers high precision and accuracy, while a coarse track delivers an absolute output.  The CTU chip connected to the sensor combines the outputs of both tracks so that the position it reports to the host is always absolute, precise and accurate.

A single CAM204 CTU chip can operate up to two Type 6 sensors, including a mix of linear and rotary.  The CAM204 can operate a single Type 2 sensor.  Type 2 sensors offer greater measuring range than Type 6.


Gap 0.5mm to 2mm
Y Misalignment up to 0.5mm

Measuring Range Type Subtype Max Linearity Error Min Noise Free Resolution
75mm 6 4 ±0.15% 12 bits
205mm 6 8 ±0.05% 13 bits
350mm 2 12 ±0.06% 13.4 bits
500mm 2 12 ±0.06% 13.4 bits



  • Work with the 11mm E-Core Target
  • Full absolute linear sensing
  • 6-layer PCB process
  • Compact sensor coils
  • Tolerate aluminium close to the front and sides
  • Stable across temperature
  • Highly repeatable


  • Motion control
  • Actuator position feedback
  • Valve position sensing
  • Industrial potentiometer replacement
  • LVDT replacement
Parts for prototyping
Measuring Range Assembled Sensor Part No Compatible Sensor Connector Compatible Dev Boards
75mm 013-0036 013-6001 (6-way) 013-5030 (CAM204)
013-5032 (CAM502)

205mm 013-0035 013-6001 (6-way)
350mm 013-0038 013-6012 (8-way) 013-5028 (CAM204)
013-5032 (CAM502)

500mm 013-0037 013-6012 (8-way)


Sensor Blueprint
Measuring Range Sensor Blueprint Part No
75mm 010-0099
205mm 010-0093
350mm 010-0105
500mm 010-0101



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