Type 6 Rotary Targets

Type 6 Rotary Targets

CambridgeIC's Type 6 Rotary Targets are for use with Type 6 Precision Through Hole Sensors.



  • Non contact: wireless and wear free
  • Built with...
    • 1-layer PCB for mechanical stability and for SMD components...
    • 20mm Transponder Coils (Part No 012-1704)
    • Tuning capacitor(s) to complete resonant circuit
  • Transponder Coils in a balanced arrangement for immunity to misalignment
  • High resonator Q-factor for large signals and hence high Noise Free Resolution

Targets are available to buy as assembled parts.  Alternatively they may be built by the customer, enabling...

  • The Target PCB shape and mounting features to be customised to the application
  • Manufacture by the customer's existing Contract Manufacturer

    Please see Type 6 Precision Through Hole Sensors for more details.

    Target White Papers