April 13, 2016

CambridgeIC to unveil pan/tilt angle sensors at Electronica 2014

CambridgeIC’s resonant inductive sensors are usually hidden inside products from leading electronics brands.  See them revealed at Electronica 2014 in Munich from November 11 to 14, at booth 260 in hall A4.

Details of a new range of precision angular position sensors will be published early in 2015.  Features include…

  • Truly contactless – sensor and target can be misaligned by 0.5mm, so mechanical design is simplified.
  • Through-shaft – a hole in the middle of the sensor and target allows a shaft and cabling to pass through.
  • Sensors are PCBs with coil patterns provided by CambridgeIC.  Customers usually build sensors themselves, just like other PCBs in their product.
  • CambridgeIC’s CAM204 chip processes two sensors, delivering angle data over an SPI interface.

Lead applications include…

  • Pan/tilt surveillance cameras, measuring azimuth and elevation angles for tight closed loop position control.
  • Optical encoder replacement for industrial applications.

Visit us at Electronica and ask to see “Rotary Type 6” sensors working! 

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7 November 2014

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